In our Window – Nastassja Nefjodov

Nastassja Nefjodov – April 03 – June 30, 2024 – Event: June 02, 4-7pm

Curator Claudia Partac and artist Nastassja Nevjodof at work

My name is Nastassja Nefjodov, I am a German Russian visual artist based in Amsterdam. I believe that sharing vulnerable stories is an act of healing—healing oneself and contributingto the healing journey of others, breaking the circle of pain and violence.
In my practice, I delved into the emotional aftermath of war-related trauma to reveal the entangled connections between my family’s past and my own life. Through sharing my family’s stories of conflict, loss, and refuge, my work engages in discussions on generational trauma and the lasting impact of war on families and intimate relationships.
In my books and multimedia installations, I created sensitive, immersive spaces that invite the audience to reflect on their own personal histories and encourage viewers to speak out and share their experiences with others.
After the sudden death of my partner—who was one of the main protagonists of my work—I turned the focus on my own immediate experience of loss. Rather than telling stories, I immerse myself in expressing and exploring my own pain. Not being the observer of other people’s histories and their impact on me but being in the midst of my own trauma, using art as a means of self-care to cope and to heal.
In “It was snowing in Berlin a month ago”, I explore who I am (as an artist) after two very different losses and how art became a practice of self-care and solace in times of grief and disorientation. By observing myself in the mirror, in front of the camera, performing, and experimenting with different materials, I am making friends with grief. I approach grief with humour and playfulness. This process can feel comfortable and prevent grief from being overwhelming.
“It was snowing in Berlin a month ago” is also a homage to two beautiful souls who left this planet recently. They taught me a lot and have contributed tremendously to my artistic development by generously allowing me to share their stories.

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