Our recent NDSM guest – Esmeralda Mlihi Terraneo

I studied architecture at the TU Delft. Became an architect, design Thinker, and data engineer. Now 17 years later, I feel no fear anymore and I hear my heart again. And it says: “Play, enjoy life, dance in many ways, create your beauty and momentum, and show it to the world.”

These months Esmeralda Mlihi Terraneo is making use of our Guest Cabin at the NDSM Art City, Amsterdam. ‘At my previous artist in residence in Brazil [Olinda, PE and Ilha Belha, SP] I focussed on the exploration of the material oil paint. The themes were spontaneous, impulsive, and therefore random and diverse, one of the themes was motion portraits of tango. This coming period at la jetée I want to use to deep dive into this theme specifically, and focus on the possible pattern, scale, and dance type variation. I will do this by using the oil painting Chango as a starting point.’ Read more:

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