What participants think

On the 5 day course Writing for Artists in Catalonia:

I got in contact with Ester because I wanted to work on defining a funding proposal for my first short film. Pairing my work with a stay in Margalef made this experience even more valuable for me. Ester made sure to combine writing lessons and exploring the beautiful surroundings in the nature with hikes and exercises outside. Being in the beautiful scenery of Margalef definitely created a wonderful opportunity for letting creativity flow. This also allowed me to start working on another project close to my heart since we could exchange thoughts and perspectives in an intimate and safe space. We were taking care of with home made meals and a peaceful accommodation. I gained a lot of support and helpful tools for my projects during the stay but also in several online lessons afterwards, which I value a lot, since I felt very taken care of for a longer period of time. The fact that I also met other artists, film makers and creators during this process contributed to gaining new perspectives and created a wonderful learning experience. It definitely was an important part of my writer’s journey. Thank you for a beautiful time and the honest support to all of the members and Ester!  (Linda)

On a coaching trajectory

Een coaching gesprek met Ester Eva is beginnen, in beweging komen, hardop zeggen wat je graag zou willen, denken dat het onmogelijk is, samen van een berg kleine steentjes maken waarover je stap voor stap omhoog kunt klimmen. Ze heeft mij inzicht gegeven in mijn kunstenaarspraktijk; hoe ik werk, hoe ik met mijn tijd omga, wat patronen zijn, waarom die er zijn en hoe ik die kan veranderen. Ze luistert, ondersteunt, stelt kritische vragen, geeft handvaten en haar vertrouwen, waardoor ik mezelf kon laten zien. (Danielle)

A coaching conversation with Ester Eva is starting, getting moving, saying out loud what you would like, thinking it is impossible, together breaking a mountain down into small stones over which you can climb up step by step. She has given me insight into my artistic practice; how I work, how I manage my time, what patterns are, why they exist and how I can change them. She listens, supports, asks critical questions, provides handles and her confidence, which allowed me to show myself. (Danielle)

On Writing for Artists in NDSM Treehouse, Amsterdam:

Motivatie was het oprichten van een internet site. De feedback was heel goed. De methode heeft mij goed geholpen. Ik ben meer overtuigd dat ik kan schrijven en dat het ook interessant is voor anderen. Ik schrijf nu regelmatig en vind het ook leuk om te doen. Er was goede aandacht. De bijdragen van anderen heb ik als heel stimulerend ervaren. En hebben mij ook op ideeën gebracht. De prijs/kwaliteit verhouding was goed denk ik. Groeten van Marianne

Motivation was to set up an internet site. The feedback has been very good. The method has helped me a lot. I am more convinced that I can write and that it is also interesting for others. I now write regularly and I also enjoy doing it. There was good attention. I have found the contributions of others to be very stimulating. And also gave me ideas. The value for money was good I think. Greetings from Marianne

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