Window_Show – Elise Coleman

Window_Show visibile February 05 – April 05, 2024

Opening event February 10, 2024 – 16-19u

Elise Coleman – visual artist / designer

After earning a BFA in design, I spent over a decade working as a professional designer in the U.S. before turning my attention to conceptual art upon arriving in Amsterdam in 2020. My method is complex, requiring multiple phases at once: reading, observing, documenting, cataloging, and building concepts based on what can be found in my local environment. I enjoy experimenting with a variety of materials and collected items that inspire and intrigue me such as wild plants, shells, stones, lost things, and broken and unidentifiable fragments of former goods. By reframing these items as sculptural objects and installations, I explore concepts of temporal collapse and uselessness using crude and rudimentary methods of building by hand. I am particularly interested in doing things wrong, with a goal of generating conversations about perfection and economic value, materialized history, and the collapse of time.

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