The Daycollective on integral energy

Integral Energy

In the process of creating our previous work “Stories of Matter’’, a peaceful integral energy became present. This energy remained in the work. The drawings and sculptures are the outcome of intuitive, diffractive, meditative practice. It means that abstract visual forms unfold in the action of drawing, each element is appearing on the paper in response to the previous and still is evolving till the whole piece is accomplished. The drawings are made individually. The soft sculptures are made in duo. One of us initiates the cut on fabric and the other one responds to

it. Responding to each other’s cut lines continues till the shape is complete. This process required deep concentration coupled with fertile relaxation. This was only achievable by regular drawing practice and a certain state of body and mind. Moving our bodies with ancestral, tribal music often blended with contemporary elements and electronic beats, meditation, breathing techniques, and interacting with trees, lighted candles & guggul fragrance are the elements which awaken this state.

With the Soft Edges installation we aim to dive deeper into the practice of body-mind state and explore haptic and ethereal entities in flux and stillness through drawings and sculptures. In comparison to the previous series of work, the scale of drawings vary. They are made in solitude, among others during weekly ritualistic creative sessions in our studio using above mentioned body-mind practices. The soft sculptures are made in tandem, as silent conversations during ritualistic creative sessions. Here we experimented with colours and tactilities through organic fabrics varying from hemp to velour; and the diverse fillings: from millet to cherry pits.

The viewer can experience this environment through vision, touch and smell. The sculptures can be activated by sitting on them, placing them on the body and hugging them, both on your own, as well as with others. The sizes of the sculptures will vary from small ones (to be placed on your palm or shoulder) to big ones, allowing full body connection and connecting with others through the sculptures. The possibility of intimate relation with and through the artwork is of great importance.

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