Elise Coleman @ NDSM FUSE – Salvation

April 5 – 14, 2024

Our guest artist Elise Coleman

Stichting la Jetée guest resident, September 2023-February 2024

Salvation, 2024, April 5 – 21, 2024

Window_Show Kunst-estafettePassing the BatonOpening April 5, 2024, 5pm

Curated by Claudia Partac & Ester Eva Damen – 12 artists – mixed media


EXHIBITION     05.04 – 06.10.2024

Salvation, 2024

Salvation is a conceptual sculpture project begun as a durational exercise of salvage work created during my Window Show residency with Stichting la Jetée. It acts in layers. The base layer is an act of care. Each item in the show was discarded or left behind or broken on the ground. Most were fragments of former goods, and often they were unidentifiable. All were scavenged from the area around NDSM. It became a practice of cleaning up the environs and treating the place as sacred, and also of treating the broken pieces as important and valuable. The next layer is a time keeping device.  Over 31 days, a non-consecutive month, little collections were made in discreet finding sessions, thus, each grouping represents one day out of a month. Taken together, they are a materialized calendar of active moments, a renewed way to see time as action, as non-linear, as something that can be shifted around and visualized. The next layer is re-imagining. I chose objects that were interesting to me and reconsidered them as items with potential for creative expression. I  repurposed what was unwanted and useless, with the goal of achieving something newly interesting, re-valued, and perhaps beautiful.

March, 2024

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