Esmeralda@ NDSM FUSE – Tango Home extended

Emeralda (Esmée Mhili Terraneo) – April 21 – May 26, 2024 – Tango Home extended

With Tango Salon on May 18, 2024 – 4-6 pm! Welcome!

Esmeralda was Stichting la Jetée guest resident in the Guest Cabin, June – August 2023

This exhibition starts with the work “Solo flow” and “Shy Buenos Aires” Monoprint of red printing ink on handmade paper and oil paint on canvas. “Solo Flow” seeks the starting point of every successful duo dance: the solitary dancer, who stands firmly on her own axis, attuned to the music in the room, but also to her internal drum and vocals. It is from this ‘solo flow’ that dance, and life, can flow freely. Here new new Babylon starts.

Inside, the dance continues. The “Tango Home” light windows, a process video made during a recent residency in Buenos Aires. And finally two abstract floorplans, “Movement” and “Inner world”. Oil on canvas.

Esmée Mlihi Terraneo is an architect, artist and tango dancer. She makes work that brings those disciplines together. Esmée playfully depicts pleasure and presence, but also the pain and heaviness of the past, and how these can be healed and softened.

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