Workshop – Writing for artists at Treehouse NDSM

at Treehouse, NDSM in Amsterdam by Ester Eva Damen

Upcoming: Sa & Su November 04 & 05, 2023, 11 am – 2 pm read more

min 2 – max 8 participants; E38,- pp per day; E70,- for the weekend

For whom? You are an artist and you want to write a text about your own work? You have to apply for funding but don’t get your proposal on paper?

Practice. In a short series of lessons tools are given to write a practical applicable text. How can you let go of self-censorship and produce text? How can you get closer to the core of your own fascination? And how can you be an editor again and give everything a head and tail?

Feedback. Within the safety of a set of benchmarks, the group is invited to provide feedback on the texts so that they become sharper. You learn in this way to positively use criticism.

Language. We encourage you to write and make notes in your mother tongue, we share the texts in English. Your level of English is not important for the excercises in this workshop.

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