Window_Archive – Esmeralda Mlihi Terraneo

Window_Show visibile November 05 – February 05, 2023

Esmeralda Mlihi Terraneo – multi media artist / architect

A tango home through the eye of an architect

Esmeralda is a multimedia artist who combines painting, tango, and architecture. By looking at tango through the eyes of an architect, she uses line drawing to trace steps. She decomposes movement into different layers that she reconnects in new configurations. Asking what reconnection does, she moves from the head to the heart. Improvisation and dance follow as tango and architecture come together in three-dimensional window frame installations.

I studied architecture at the TU Delft. Became an architect, design thinker, and data engineer. Now 17 years later, I feel no fear anymore and I hear my heart again. And it says: “Play, enjoy life, dance in many ways, create your beauty and momentum, and show it to the world.”

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