Who we are

Above: Photo by Rinzo Rinzo – Opening of a Window Show, spring 2022

What does the foundation do?

Stichting La Jetée (Foundation Jetty) supports cross-over projects – involving different media or disciplines – by submitting applications to different funds, providing feedback and facilities, and making connections. Each month a different artist realizes a site-specific work in our show window. In addition, the foundation organizes courses for artists in writing a text about their own work. Once a year, a meal with female makers from different disciplines is taking place, an exchange of ideas about new projects.


‘La Jetée’ is named after an experimental film by Chris Marker and was founded in 2005. ‘Jetée’ is equivalent to jetty: a view in to  another world. The foundation forms a connection with other makers, sharing knowledge and vision. It also makes it possible to show experimental work to a diverse audience in a small-scale and easily accessible way.


La Jetée Foundation is part of the Amsterdam Dinner Movement and Platform BK platforms of small artists’ initiatives in Amsterdam. The artistic direction is in the hands of Ester Eva Damen, filmmaker and visual artist.


Nanou Kurstjens: chairwoman.
Manon Borst: secretary, director of Museum Martena, Friesland.
Vera Habes: treasurer, sociologist and involved in the Turquoise Theatre Foundation.

Poster of the film ‘La Jetée’ by Chris Marker

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