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Mixed media, 10 artists
Curated by Claudia Partac and Ester Eva Damen

Ester Eva Damen and Claudia Partac invited ten artists from the Window Show artistic programme for Passing the Baton at the NDSM-Fuse projection cabin. As part of the New Babylon exhibition, Passing the Baton presents a new installation every three weeks. Chiming with the thematics of the New Babylon, our project shows a selective documentation of what Stichting la Jetée (Foundation Jetty) does: We organize small-scale Window Show exhibitions, offer a guest cabin for artists in residency at NDSM, and teach artists how to write applications and statements.

Ester Eva Damen en Claudia Partac hebben in de projectiecabine van NDSM Fuse tien makers uitgenodigd voor een ‘Kunstestafette’: Iedere drie weken met een nieuwe installatie. Binnen de thematiek van de Nieuw Babylon expositie in NDSM-FUSE laten we d.m.v. een documentatie zien wat Stichting la Jetée doet: We organiseren kleinschalige tentoonstellingen, bieden een gastcabine aan op de NDSM en geven kunstenaars les in het schrijven van aanvragen en statements.

Ester Eva Damen makes short films and installations, works as a (screen)writer and teacher. Her work is primarily visual, poetic and she has a preference for experiment. Her work can be seen not only within a context of visual art but also in the cinema or on TV. Collaboration of film with dance and new music is one of the common threads in her work. She has a shared studio at the NDSM Art City.
‘A need to create a wave with a stone in the water. How can togetherness be more than the sum of the parts? In my window, every two months I invite a different artist to create a work. An ever-changing image. In a response to the street, the time, the place. Behind this window I live and work. Hostess and participant at the same time.’

Claudia Partac
is a curator and cultural analysis graduate. Her curatorial practice centres around the concept of care. In her work, she experiments with curation as an expanded field that goes beyond the opening event and includes everything surrounding it. Through studio visits and conversations with artists, her collaborators have also become her friends. By extending friendship from private to public, she aims to create a network of care in a less competitive artistic environment, encouraging works that reflect on processes and materials.

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