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Tete-a-Tete Triptych exhibition shares the artistic research of Tete-a-Tete participatory performance by DAY Collective. It is called Triptych because of three contexts: online, art space, and public space. This performance is a one-hour conversation through drawing on skin between 3-6 participants, including DAY Collective. The drawing tools: eco-cosmetic pencils. There is only one rule — no words. Due to silence, people are invited to connect deeper to their sensations, emotions, and from this “base” form connections to others. Because of this embodied situation, the reasoning is resting allowing unconsciousness or rather deep consciousness to navigate one’s presence. Within this performance new modes of language, based on intuition, imagination, and empathy, are being explored.

Skin is both a border and a transmitter. It is the most sensitive organ with 75 km of nerves, because of which the body can form tactile impressions of the world. Skin represents our culture, ethnicity, age and health. Tactile encounter is precisely what permits sympathy and empathy to function. In Tete-a-Tete the intention is to move beyond socio-cultural representations and stereotypes. During the performance in the context of the art space and public space people are seated on soft sculptures.During the research the artists noticed that Tete-a-Tete experience opens up a state of playfulness. They see it is a natural state of exploration and curiosity. It brings joy and relaxation. It’s also the way for us humans to develop ourselves in a new way.

Together more than 200 performances took place. After each performance we collected the written experiences of the participants. The selection can be seen at the exhibition together with Tete-e-Tete photos and video recordings.

Documentation by Daycollective

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